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Tour Support

Submitted by:
Jes Kramer
Project Description:

I just had a project successfully funded on Kickstarter, so I can now afford to make my second full length CD.  I set the goal as the bare minimum so my chances of a successful project were increased.  But now I need to find a way to viably tour in support of the CD.  

How the award will be used?

I am asking for your help with the following:

a) making t-shirts to sell at the merch table to help with gas money

b) producing more copies of old releases, which I've been out of for quite a while

c) funding a project to make cheap records from silicon, which is being headed up by my friend Nick Armstrong.  

Why is this project Important?

I am so grateful for the help I received in funding this album, but in all honesty, very few people will hear this album unless I tour with it.  I just finished a year with Americorps and have very little money to support a tour, so merchandise is essential to make this work. 

How will it manifest at upcoming events?

The CD release is January 20 and a short midwest tour will follow.  Soon after that, I would be happy to come back and share the merchandise that we've created.  When we figure out the record production process, Nick would also be happy to present how it works and offer his services to other people looking for cheap records. 

Tell us a little about yourself

I'm a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Hudsonville.  I've been playing shows for about 5 years and regularly play the DAAC and other Grand Rapids venues.  

My favorite things are manatees, keyboards, and presidential history.