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Sunday Soup GR

Est. February 2010
Grand Rapids, MI, us
A shared meal / mini-grant that funds creative projects by emerging artists in Grand Rapids, MI.
Most Recent Meal
Sunday, March 18, 2012 - 4:30pm

Sunday Soup GR is a community meal and micro-grant which provides funds for creative projects. $5+ = Soup and a Vote!

The entire proceeds will fund the proposal with the most votes!
(And it’s a potluck! So feel free to bring a dish to pass...

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About Sunday Soup GR

Sunday Soup is a mini-grant funding model initiated by InCUBATE in Chicago.   On designated Sundays, Grand Rapidians gather to eat soup and vote on proposals. $5 buys you admittance and a vote, the entire proceeds of the meal will go to fund the proposal with the most votes. Soup is provided.

Grants have ranged between $75 and $500 dollars, depending on how many people are present.

Sunday Soup GR is a program of the Division Avenue Arts Collective (DAAC). It reflects the memory of Ben Schaafsma (1982 - 2008), a founding member of both the DAAC and InCUBATE and initiater of the Sunday Soup model


by: Denise Cheng in Pics from Soup #8

link to photos from Grand Rapids' Sunday Soup #8

by: Fox17online

Fox 17's Emily Richett interviews George and Teresa from Sunday Soup GR about the Sunday Soup GR hole at the 19 Holes mini golf hole at the UICA

by: Denise Cheng in The Rapidian

A recap of Sunday Soup #8 in Grand Rapids on the local citizen journalism platform, The Rapidian.

by: Shelley Irwin in WGVU Morning Show 09/02/2010

An interview with George and Jaimé of Sunday Soup GR and the Rapid Growth Media publisher Jeff Hill.

by: J. Bennett-Rylah in Rapid Growth Media 08/19/2010

Rapid Growth Media's J. Bennett-Rylah profiles the Sunday Soup GR crew.